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Westminster Choir College bought by state-owned Chinese bridge maker

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  • Westminster Choir College bought by state-owned Chinese bridge maker

    Food for though. As the apocryphal Chinese saying goes - may you live in interesting times.

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    When I was a graduating senior, college tuition for a front line four year state university was $2k - $4K per year. Room and board around 1/2 that. 30 years later tuition at state universities, none of which are front line anymore is $15K - $25K per year, and room and board is equal to that. Inflation and/or COL increases over time only account for 1/2 of the increases. College in 2018 is hideously overpriced and Asian students pay a significant premium over in state or in country students. American colleges are openly favoring Asian students over domestic applicants because they both enhance the academic standings AND pour more revenue into the institution. And they (the colleges) are all struggling!!! They are closing left and right despite charging some of the most outrageous tuition rates in the world. Despite busting tenured professors down to adjunct status, despite enviable investment and real estate portfolios. They just can't seem to remain solvent. The Chinese have the cash, and their exchange students are likely to get favorable tuition rates in an American school with a Chinese holding company behind the receivership. No surprises here. Only more puzzlement and confusion.