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Repeated notes in hymns

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  • Repeated notes in hymns

    I am wondering what organists views are as regards to repeated notes in the Alto, tenor, and Bass parts in hymns. I have heard people say you should tie all these noes, others say repeat them all, also, others say just repeat some. Any infomation/help appreciated.


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    Re: Repeated notes in hymns

    I'd have to sit down and analyze when I do what but my gut feeling says I usually tie them. Take a hymn like Ode To Joy. In its traditional harmonization it feels very "cloggy" when each note is rearticulated.
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      Re: Repeated notes in hymns

      The classic approach to repeated notes in the AT & B hymns is to tie the notes except when
      they are repeated accross bar lines.

      I have found over the years that that approach is not always effective. I think each verse of
      each hymn needs to be individually evaluated and articulated based on accoustics, the organ,
      text and style.

      The best guide is common sense and discression - the same criteria used to set appropriate tempo and registration.


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        Re: Repeated notes in hymns

        Take the first bar of Aurelia, for example - personally I break S & T, and tie A & B and it seems to sound OK. Gleason says it's OK to tie A & B from a strong beat to a weak one, otherwise you break, but this rule can make it end up sounding chunky. As a relative novice I can still ask my teacher - but his advice is always "play what sounds right".

        This essay goes into the subject of hymn playing, and cover this point among others: