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Young Lady Surely Commands Her Hammond

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    Young Lady Surely Commands Her Hammond

    I absolutely love this style of Gospel organ music. Having serviced hundreds of Hammonds over the years, I was always amazed to hear some of these talented players, (although this particular find was on Facebook.) She displays that free-form style that I don't think can be taught, but more so gleaned with a God-given talent and incredible ear. I do so envy her.
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    This is Dominique Johnson from Chicago. The video you shared has had over 4 million views on Facebook. You can find some more of her playing on YT. I also like her piano playing. Thanks for sharing this.

    There is one video of her playing with her 4 year old son on percussion. He also has great promise. She began playing about that age. She is making an album and I think we will be hearing more from her.

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      That's a mighty fine-sounding Hammond too. Absolutely clean and dirty at the same time! Just the right amount of grunge in the middle without messing up the highs or muddying the bass.

      Yes, she has a style that really must be "caught" rather than "taught." Whenever I see and hear someone with this skill I am in awe. Makes me want to keep working at it myself. Even though I'm not inclined in the Gospel Music direction, I know a few people who can awe folks to a similar degree playing a pipe or electronic pipe-like organ, and I'd sure love to be able to do that, even a little bit.
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