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Silent Movie - "King of Kings"

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  • Silent Movie - "King of Kings"

    Last evening (Holy Saturday) our senior pastor accompanied the silent movie "King of Kings" on our Skinner organ. The experience was wonderful and extremely satisfying. For those of you who are highly skilled, consider doing this. The Passion portion, which he did, runs about 46 minutes, so it is not a small undertaking. The music spans the entire range of emotions. I started to list them but, you know the story. And you do need enough organ to carry this out. Tonally because of all the different moods. Heavy bass for the earthquake during the Crucifixion. And big reeds as Christ comes forth from the tomb. It served very well to conclude Lent.
    Holy Saturday worked out well for a date. Persons who might want to attend this, who belong to other churches, probably have their own services on Good Friday and Easter. But for most Holy Saturday is not as busy.

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    Thank you for sharing about this movie. Is there a source for the silent film? Is it public domain? Did the pastor use music you recognized or regular silent film music?

    Thanks again for sharing this resource.

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