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Processional No. 1 in D Major, "The Rose" - By John Edelmann

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  • Processional No. 1 in D Major, "The Rose" - By John Edelmann

    Now that we've played this at my daughter's wedding (11/23), I can share this little composition. I came up with this number for the occasion of my only child's wedding. I had a little help with the organ arrangement, but enjoy... I'd be interested in any feed back ... thanks!

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    Nice stately tempo and a great length for a bridal procession. It must have meant a great deal to your daughter that you did this for her.

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      The opening reminded me of another piece I've heard, but I can't remember the name. Other than the first phrase, though, it diverges into a nice piece. Good work! It was interesting to me you used ornamentation sometimes in the inner voices rather than the melody. It made me pay attention.

      May I assume it was played with a piccolo trumpet?

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        Wow, what an amazing and unique gift to your daughter.
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          That is lovely, and how very spiffy to have your own bridal march! Your daughter is one lucky bride


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            Beautiful piece.