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For A Quarantined Palm Sunday

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  • For A Quarantined Palm Sunday

    Here's a FB video from Walt Strony playing his Allen STR-4. This is what he wrote
    As we spend Palm Sunday at home, I thought I'd share with you one of our hymns that I recorded for today -- "All Glory Laud and Honor." The instrument is my own STR4. You are hearing the Classical Suite, which has no Wurlitzer samples, but is a mix of E.M. Skinner, Cavaille-Coll, Arp Schnitger, and even two Schlicker samples -- many have been long-time favorites. It's always been a work in progress, and I love being able to change samples as I wish using Dove. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this.

    This was recorded on my iPhone XR, not from the best location since the console sits much closer to the Main chamber (which houses the Choir division and some solo voices when the Classical Suite in used.) And frankly, I have no idea what Facebook will do to the video and audio. HOWEVER, If this goes well, I may post more.

    Allen 965
    Zuma Group Midi Keyboard Encoder
    Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
    Hauptwerk 4.2

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    Very nice, and totally appropriate. My church online today also used that Hymn.



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      How marvelous! Thanks for posting!
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