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Finding Hymn Tunes That Aren't in My Hymnal

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    Over the years I've amassed a fairly good sized hymnal collection, currently numbering about 50 different ones. I find it very useful at times to look up the tune names in different denominational hymnals, to see various takes on how they are set and harmonized. As well as finding the tunes in different keys, so I don't have to transpose if I would like a particular key ( yup - that's lazy ). It is also interesting to see the different hymns set to tunes you might not have thought of for that hymn.

    Most of my collection, not including the most current Lutheran ones, which I bought new, were found at second hand shops / Goodwill stores / and so on. Garage sales are good places to find hymnals too. If the Half Price Books stores are still around, they are a good source also. Most times they go for way cheap at those sorts of places. Of course they are normally the pew edition, not the accompaniment one. That is just fine though if they are ones that have more than just the melody line.

    I also play at different churches somewhat often, so I will usually ask them if they have any copies of hymnals they have used in the past laying around. If they do, I usually land up with a free copy of whatever ones they have laying around.
    Regards, Larry

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      Originally posted by Larrytow View Post
      As well as finding the tunes in different keys, so I don't have to transpose if I would like a particular key ( yup - that's lazy ).
      I prefer the terms "resourceful" and "energy-efficient". ;-)
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        Something else that may help - if you go to CCLI Song Select and sign up for the free account, you can search for a hymn name and it will show you a list of the publications in which the song has been published.


        The link in my sig goes to their page for searching for public domain hymns and tunes.
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          A few suggestions. The old 1939 Methodist Hymnal had a number of wonderful tunes that did not get carried forward into later editions. The current Seventh Day Adventist Hymnal is quite extensive and I think it has a nice assortment (I have cousins who are SDA). The old and new Armed Forces Hymnals are more broad in their Hymn coverage than typical denomination versions.



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            Hello all,
            I am new to this forum. I got here by trying to find the organ accompaniment to J.S. Paluch's Monthly Missalette.
            When I was in my teens (I'm 57 now), I played for the 9:15 children's mass and Monday night Novenas at a church in New York. I still play piano and keyboards, and I have been in a few bands since then, but I really haven't played in any churches in many years.
            @SchnarrHorn, I see that you posted that you have the Paluch organ accompaniment. Would you be willing to copy it for me or direct me to a place where I can buy it? I found three libraries that may have it, but the closest one is in Texas (I'm in Florida). Ideally, I would like to have a copy of the whole thing, as there are many hymns I would enjoy playing again in their original form, but I am especially looking for the Lord Have Mercy (sung during mass). I know there are several, but the notes for this one are:
            Lord Have Mer cy.
            G---- E---- F#G-E (2x)
            Christ Have Mer cy
            B----- AG--- AB-B (2x)
            Lord Have Mer cy
            GAG-E-----F#G-E (2x)
            Sorry about my weird notation, but it hopefully gets the point across. It might be in the wrong key; it's been many years since I've played it.
            Thank you all for a very interesting, informative group!
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