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Proper dressware that is also practical?

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  • Proper dressware that is also practical?

    Hello all, I'm a 14 year old girl, having only recently begun to take organ. Having mastered a piece of sufficient level to be played in church, I will soon be playing at a Catholic mass for prelude. There are no choir robes of any sort, and I was wondering what is both practical for playing the pedals, but at the same time is not too dressed down. A shorter skirt seems out of the question, but a long one or dress seems that it would restrict leg movement. Is there no other option besides pants? </p>


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    Re: Proper dressware that is also practical?

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    Dressy pants are fine; a skirtis alsofine if it is knee-length or slighly longer.</P>


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      Re: Proper dressware that is also practical?

      While my wife is not an organist, in the symphony she has chosen black pants which are made of material that is quite flowing (silk-like), and appears dress-like unless viewed straight on. This allows for controlling the direction of the "hang" with the legs, as well as preserving the appearance of a full-length orchestra gown. She tells me that it is two layers. The first layer is the actual pants, and the second layer is the semi-transparent material which gives the illusion of being a dress. She says she purchased hers too long, but varying lengths should be available.</P>

      Hope this helps.</P>

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