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Finding Hymns in Various Hymnals

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  • Finding Hymns in Various Hymnals

    Happy 2022, everyone - best wishes that it may be a less crazy year than many of us experienced in 2021!

    I learn a lot by practicing hymn tune arrangements from a 2-volume set by Charles Callahan entitled, "The Art of Hymn Playing." One of the things I most enjoy is looking up the tune itself to find a standard, 4-part arrangement - my United Methodist Hymnal has (on page 931 and forward of the UMC Hymnal, copyright 1989) has an index of hymn tunes, but I cannot find this one and would like your help.

    Volume 2 of the Callahan, the very first piece (on page 10), is "A la venue de Noël", and cites the tune as "Fleurs des noëls" from 1535.

    Hymnary.org says this appears in 4 hymnals. I have The Hymnal 1982 (that's what it says on the cover) and it also says Service Music - #152 bears no resemblance to the tune I'm seeking. Your guidance will be appreciated.

    Psalms for All Seasons #33ASinging the New Testament #84

    Singing the New Testament #84The Hymnal 1982 #152

    The Hymnal 1982 #152The Presbyterian Hymnal #79

    The Presbyterian Hymnal #79

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    Sometimes when you look up a particular hymn (on hymnary.org), you'll find that more than one tune is listed. You can also search Hymnary by hymn tune as well. That said, I've found that the search function on Hymnary can be a bit clunky. Keep at it, and you will probably be able to find the tune there somewhere.

    Another option is to search in openhymnal.org. Depending on the search, sometimes one is better than the other.

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      Hymnary.org doesn't say a lot about this tune. They do link it to: "A Lenten Suite" by Charles Callahan (Morningstar Pub.). If this is the same piece he used in "The Art of Hymn Playing" (and it's hard to see why it wouldn't be) then part of your difficulty can be understood. Callahan notes at the bottom of the first page that three different tunes are the basis for the piece, your tune is the last one. Is this the piece you are using for reference?
      Solemn Prelude - Charles Callahan.pdf


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        The PDF link you provided doesn't work. Could you possibly upload it to your post, then attach it the same as you would a photo? Thanks for considering.


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      Here is a live link to the Hymnary.org page for the above referenced hymntune. In the upper right hand corner is the thumbnail link to the Callahan piece. HTH.