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Jimmy Smith boxed set wanted/pedals-left hand

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  • Jimmy Smith boxed set wanted/pedals-left hand

    I'm looking for a boxed cd set: Jimmy Smith-The February 1957 Blue Note Sessions.

    While you're playing left hand bass on the lower manual, tap a short kick on the pedals, some organists tap along w/whatever they are playing in the left hand, but it is not necessary, just tap the pedal. To develop timing and rhythm, I start out w/the metronome at 60 or 120 and tap out 1/4 notes. If you're tapping 1 note, just tap the pedal that is right below your feet as you sit comfortably on the bench, usually is the b Natural.

    Also, transcribe Jimmy Smith's The Sermon, start w/the bass line. 1/2 way thru the guitar solo, he pedals a chromatic ascending A-B flat-B Natural-then he's back to tapping the pedals and playing it on the manual, that's a good place to start mixing it up.

    My Music: www.reverbnation.com/brianhamby

    My Instruments: Hammond XK3 Pro Style with Leslie 2101, 1960s Hammond C3 Organ with Hammond Tone Cabinet, Yamaha P90 digital piano, Kurzweil K2000, Korg 707, an old Hammond chord organ and Baldwin pre Fun Machine organ previously owned by my grandparents that was responsible for biasing me against organs for most of my life, until I played an organ sound on my my K2000 with a rock band in 1998.

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    Re: Jimmy Smith boxed set wanted/pedals-left hand

    Go to gracenote. com pages 61-70 and 71-80, type his name in at the bottom of the page, they have 114 of his cds, 1 and 2 on 61 3 is on 71. Hope this helps.

    Happy New Year.