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Doon's latest tune- Don't take it

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    Jazz & Blues: Doon's latest tune- Don't take it

    Hiya folks! It's coming up to Christmas, so here's my prezzy to y'all.
    A smoochy song about a lad who likes a girl. He discovers courtship borders on harassment...
    T'was written and recorded here in NZ in the heat of summer, so it has that cruisey summer vibe.

    Alas, work here tends towards craziness in the summer, so I haven't been on the forum much of late. So sorry.

    Pertinent organ data on the track:
    As usual it's in D minor.
    Only a little organ in this song, M101 and 122, and about 70% of the time I've put it through a phaser on TOP of the leslie, a very unhammondlike sound.
    Electric piano is on main riff and half of the soloing, the other half is synthi-flute via the old korg seen atop the keystack in the pic.
    Bass is acoustic electric, guitar is played via a modded L100 amp and reverb.
    Drums are played live, but only just well enough to keep time.
    It's hard to get good staff, you understand!
    -1958 Hofner 550 archtop guitar -1959 C3 and PR40- -1964 Busillachio Harmonium- -1964 M101-
    -1967ish Leslie 122- -1975 T500 (modded..chopped, and reassembled!)-
    -DIY 760 FrankenLeslie/rat hideout-
    -1980 Electrokey Electric Piano- -Yamaha electric Harmonium (early 80's?)-
    -1990 Jansen GMF150 amp- -1992 Korg 01W/fd- -1992 G&L S-500 geetar.