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Experimental: just one tune with my Conn Caprice 432

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  • Rock & Roll: Experimental: just one tune with my Conn Caprice 432

    When Mars Attakzz, aka: Donkey, Donkey, Donkey
    (You'll understand that donkey bit when you hear it. It was a ... lapse of musical judgment on my part. That I died laughing about.)

    It's about time I shared something that showaces my other baby, the Conn Caprice 432 Deluxe. The later section of this piece I've had from the moment I laid fingers on it in the thrift store about 7 years ago. But never knew what to do with it. Fleshed it out with some Mellotron, wrote a head and bridge like sections. Here it is. Again, sorry about the donkey.

    I'm particularly digging on how the plate reverb creates a delicious space. Which seems to further showcase the little nuances the Caprice can pull off during decay tails. Also, all those lovely sweeping 80s synth sounds you'll hear, it's the Caprice, and she's from 1965.
    Rock-melting-pot from Selma, CA. Second album "In the Dark" available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

    Conn Caprice 432, Hammond A-100, Leslie 860, Needham NY reed organ, Fender-Rhodes MkI Stage 88, midi-controller until I can get a Mellotron.
    Melodica, flute, tenor sax, and mandolin.