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rediscovering Keknyul

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  • Jazz & Blues: rediscovering Keknyul

    I've just rediscovered these guys from Budapest... Keknyul!
    You may recall their live recording about 2010/11ish, a hammond based jazz band with brass?

    After that time they brought in a vocalist and went more funky jazz, whatever that's called. Deeply cool, anyhow. A lot of that stuff was around in the early 90's in the alternative scene.
    I bought the album back in 2015 and have just put it back on for another spin and am loving it!

    Here it is on Bandcamp:

    I see its also on Soundcloud:

    This newer album doesn't have as much organ as their older stuff, but what's there is so dang raw, retro and satisfying!
    I bet a few more album sales wouldn't disappoint them, too.
    Look up their other albums....
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