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Obscure Mystery Compilation Album

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  • Pop: Obscure Mystery Compilation Album

    Hi, I'm searching for the title of an obscure organ music compilation that my (now deceased) grandpa taped for me in the 1980s and after hours of searching on google, I figured asking a community like this may be my only hope!

    The album was made with an organ from the 70s, maybe early 80s. It featured built in accompaniments that reminded me a bit of my old Baldwin Fun Machine. The tracks generally had a polka feel.

    The title Grandpa put on the cassette was "Happy Organ", but googling this returns with nothing. Here is a partial listing of the album tracks:

    -Theme from The Godfather
    -Theme from Midnight Cowboy
    -"Ob-la-Di Ob-la-Da"- The Beatles
    -"Sing"- The Carpenters
    -"Dream a Little Dream of Me"
    -"Come Saturday Morning"-The Sandpipers
    -"Hava Nagila"
    -"The Happy Wanderer"
    -"Tie a Yellow Ribbon"

    I never received a track listing for this tape, so I've just been figuring out the names of the songs gradually.

    Any insights that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. The importance of this cheesy, but wonderful album to my development as a musician is huge, and I'm trying to track down an original copy on vinyl or CD.

    Many thanks, Peter

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    Perhaps it is Dave "Baby" Cortez . He had a hit with the Happy Organ back in the '60s.

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      The only thing I'm finding right off that all of those songs have in common is the Lowery EZ-Play course by Hal Leonard. Is it possible Lowery had a demo recording with all of those songs on it?
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