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Jr Walker / Vic Thomas voicings?

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  • Jr Walker / Vic Thomas voicings?

    I'm sitting here at work (lunch break of course) listening to some old Jr Walker and the Allstars (with Vic Thomas on organ)....I'm still a newbie to the Hammond organ...anybody know the voicings of the chords (please spell outthe notes) he's using in tunes like Shoot your Shot & Do the Boomerrang? sounds like he's got the drawbars pulled and the Leslie spinning fast...and then those chords!! funkyand glorious!!..Thanks!!!

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    Re: Jr Walker / Vic Thomas voicings?

    I played the Jr Walker version of How Sweet it is To Be Loved By You on the Hammond organ we had at home around 1970. Just from the sheet music and some of my ownteenage improv...I remember the chords being all 7th chords, like in some Jazz, nothing too hard, and just what they call 'comping' which I don't really do that well but it's the basis of a keyboardist or organist in a combo I think. Get the music, most music stores have all the motown stuff now with guitar chords, and get a chord chart, you'll be on your way. there's also lot's of stuff on the web about drawbar settings, just google 'drawbar settings' and you'll find a ton. The leslie is on fast on that number. I have an old lp called 'Earl Van Dyke and the Soul Brothers', it was the Motown house band for a lot of the big hits. I know they went through some changes etc and there was that movie and book and cd about them called Standing in the Shadows of Motown. The LP I'm mentioning has no vocals, just the band and the Hammond B-3 plays a lot of solos in each song. It's pretty cool, I just checked I Tunes store and they have 2 albums with some tracks from that original LP, fun. I suspect the right hand is playing a gapped reg like 16 and 2 with full vibrato and leslie fast, the left hand mabye 8 and 4.
    Jesse Hargus
    Portland, OR