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Septuplet ? - Tribute to Carrie Jacobs-Bond intro.

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  • Septuplet ? - Tribute to Carrie Jacobs-Bond intro.

    I wasn't sure where to post this but, I guess Ms. Jacobs- Bond ( Bond, Jacobs-Bond ) would be more pop then liturgical or classical .
    Just wondering how to play the seven notes at the very beginning. I would assume 7 notes in one beat but the notation also says ad lib and seven notes is a lot to squeeze into one quarter even at a slower tempo. My impression is that the intro is to be played freely as later sections say ' a tempo'.
    I have a Hammond C3 and I'm working on my sight reading skills'

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    It is difficult to tell from the fragment of this piece, however, it appears that it is in an improvisatory style. I would try to play the scale in close to a beat, but I would not worry if it was a little longer. At the beginning of the piece no one but you will know that the tempo is. Nobody is going to say, "those seven notes were not in one beat!"

    It looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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