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Good pieces to play for YouTube on Yamaha E45 and info on copyright.

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  • Good pieces to play for YouTube on Yamaha E45 and info on copyright.

    I have recently bought a digital recorder from Amazon and it will arrive in about a week. I was wondering about some music that I could learn to play for my YouTube channel.

    Also, what are the rules for non public domain music. I know that Youtubers like Jonny Music do a lot of copyrighted music.
    Like, If I wanted to do a cover of pieces like, "My Girl", "Heard it through the grape vine", "A view to a Kill" or Super Mario 64's "Ultamate Koopa;" could I even do that; and if so, how?

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    Lots of people post instrumental versions of popular songs on organs of all types, and seem to have no copyright issues. I have several posted on my channel and have never had an issue with them either. Some of those have been up a long time, and have garnered many views as well. I'm sure that some of those must still be protected though. I'm really not all that familiar with the actual legality of posting what I have done so far; I'm just relating what I have done with no problems.

    The only video on my channel that has had a Copyright Claim made on it is the hymn "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross " played during a church service. The Claim says that the claimant is a publisher who owns the melody ! ! ! Of course, the hymn tune HAMBURG is Public Domain, so the Claim is groundless. The Isaac Watts text of the hymn that the congregation is singing is also Public Domain.

    Because that Claim is so obviously completely stupid, I have not bothered to see what can be done about getting it deleted. YT says because of the Claim, I cannot monetize that particular video. I don't monetize any of mine, so that is no big deal. I suppose that I should figure out how to make it go away at some point, because dumb stuff like that is kinda irritating, and people who make unfounded Claims need to be corrected. So it is on my **it to do list, but not a high priority.

    A Claim is different ( lesser ) from a Copyright Strike, from what I understand. I think Strikes come from posting the original recordings, by the original artists, without their permission.

    Sorry to say that is about all I can offer about the copyright workings of YT. Basically, I have a channel, post stuff on it, and don't worry much about the details.
    Regards, Larry

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      I'm not sure if this answers your question, but check this thread from a few years ago: https://organforum.com/forums/forum/...ormance?35258=

      Since you're in Australia, I'm sure the laws are different, but generally the same the world over.

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        You should have no trouble with copyright infringement. My youtube channel has dozens of '200+ organ videos, playlists' and relatively few have videos have disappeared ( 📺 in the sidebar). The great organist Mike Reed plays a seemingly never ending repertoire of modern classics on his Hammond Grande through a Leslie 222 decorator cabinet (could be 247 or 351, but iirc he said it was a 222).
        Omar Garcia plays his Hammond X66 with full orchestrated accompaniment and he's fine posting these popular titles as well.


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          By the way, How does monetisation fit into this issue?
          This is a link to a video with me improvising.
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            If you are accepting money for a performance on *ouTube, in essence, you are being paid for your performance. In most countries, a different section of the copyright and performance rights laws then become applicable.