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Pop Covers on Church Organ - your opinions to help me improve and grow

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  • Pop Covers on Church Organ - your opinions to help me improve and grow

    Hey guys,

    I am really interested in your opinions to my way to play and share modern pop songs on church organs. I always want to improve, getting some new ideas for new songs and of course reach more people with my passion.

    My latest Project was "Whatever it takes" from Imagine Dragons, but I have a dozen other songs in my playlist.

    What do you think, I could do, to improve that. I want to make the classic church organ a bit more popular to the younger generations cause we have way too less organists at our location to play all time in the church.

    I added a link, so feel free to have a look around and share your your opinions, suggestions and critics with me
    Thank you very much and have a lovely day!!!

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    First, welcome to the Forum! I look forward to your contributions here in the future.

    For a performance to be interesting, there needs to be some variety in the sound rather than using the same registration the entire time. Perhaps a different piece may have been more effective. I liked the video editing, you obviously have talent there, but I would suggest filming the feet from one of the sides at an angle rather than straight on. I'm aware you're probably doing most of the filming, playing, and editing yourself. Overall a great job, but I would suggest a different piece.

    Have you considered using self-produced video of non-organ subjects (i.e. nature, buildings, etc.)? Perhaps even drone footage could be used. Some of the footage was a bit abrupt, so I don't know if you have the option to fade video in and out or provide other transitions.

    Hope this helps provide what you were looking for.

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      This is an amazing topic! I really love 80's music (most especially Queen and Freddie Mercury solos) and I love to hear pipe organ renditions! I was thinking about creating a channel for playing my favorite songs. I do have a suggestion on how to play pop songs: change registration. A lot of stuff I hear on YouTube is just a single registration throughout the entire song which is bland and boring. I mean, the vocalist, drummer, and guitarist change their volume and expression a ton throughout the song! Just really listen to the songs and learn how the original musician intends it too sound. Again, a really great idea, and I hope your channel gets a ton of likes and subscribers alongside myself.
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        Great video editing. I would urge you to investigate the ideas given above.

        Please leave the reverb tail in the recording! It is something intrinsic to organ music and something you want to include.

        Study some orchestral transcriptions from the classical repertoire. Observe how timbre is translated to the organ. Make note of how a passage that fits in the hand of one instrument, may not have the same aural effect when played on the organ, and that adaptation is needed.

        A phrase consisting of repeated notes, which is then repeated throughout a piece can become very repetitive. Experiment with registration so those repeated patterns don't get stuck in one place. It might even be an opportunity to show what the organ can do differently, while still maintaining the spirit of the music.


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          I agree with much of what has been said. I don’t know the song, but I found it a bit hard to differentiate the melody. On a pipe organ, phrasing is much more important - there needs to be longer pauses between phrases on the melody, otherwise it can be hard to distinguish when on phrase begins and another ends. Also, cadences need longer pauses for the same reason. Another technique to differentiate the melody is to play it on the second manual with a contrasting registration, say with a reed stop with the 4 and 8 foot flutes, or 4 and 8 foot principals or flutes with a mutation stop. Otherwise good job. You have good keyboard and pedal technique and fluency. All organists have to continue working on phrasing and registration, and it’s something that changes with every organ you play!