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Organs in disco-pop

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  • Organs in disco-pop

    Anyone remembering mid and late 1980's sound ? They were quite fond of tech gizmos of their times.</P>

    Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking, Blue System), the techies behind Patty Ryan, Lian Ross etc. had a characteristic sound. Multi-layering like of several 'manual registrations', some sounding in percussion-like bursts but able to do chord harmony with them, others quite artificialetc.</P>

    Ex. the long intro of Lian Ross - Say You'll Never.</P>

    Anyone knows how to describe and reproduce these in 'classical pop organ' terms ?</P>

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    organ in alterna-pop

    I've posted on this topic before. It didn't generate any interest, so don't feel bad.</p>

    I don't know about the groups you mention, but I had posted about the wildly popular alternative rock group Arcade Fire using an organ for a song on their new album. Listening to WXPN out of Philadelphia last week, I heard that there's yet another group with a song with a very prominent pipe organ solo line. It's really not surprising after all. The organ was the original synthesizer. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the group's name.</p>