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  • Rock & Roll: Drawbar Technique Name

    What is the name of the drawbar technique where you hold a chord with your right hand and with your left hand you slide the drawbars in and out! Think "Fly Like An Eagle" by Steve Miller,

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    I don't think I've ever heard a specific name for it, at least not over here in the UK. But if you go back waaaay before Mr Miller, there was a technique called the 'talking organ'. If you held the right keys and twiddled the drawbars fast enough and in the right way, you could get some vowel/vocal effects. There were some examples on Youtube, IIRC.
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      A Hammond is played like a synthesizer. One hand on the keys one on the controls.

      But I've never heard a specific name given for the technique you describe.

      It would be called a filter sweep in synthesizer terminology.

      Call it a "bar sweep" we'll give it a name right here and now.

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        Here's another example of BAR SWEEP by Benmont: T: