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Bass lines and Soloing

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  • Bass lines and Soloing

    Hey everyones,

    I'm just starting out in a hammond trio - wanting to play jazz standards and blues etc... Jimmy Smith, Joey Defrancesco etc!

    I've been working a lot on walking bass lines.

    I find comping and basslines at the same time not too bad but having a lot of trouble coordinating soloing and walking at the same time.

    Anyone have any suggestions/exercises to help improve this independence?

    Also not sure if this is the right place in the forum to post this question?

    Is there an theory/education thread somewhere?

    Many Thanks


    Melbourne, Australia

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    i usually have to simplify whatever bass part i'm playing when i'm also the soloist. roots and fifths mostly with passing tones where i can fit them. the other players will help me in whatever way is appropiate...keeping time, backing off dynamics, harmonizing where they can, etc.

    my experience is far from universal, but the best advice i ever got was to not think about it. otherwise i hyperfocus on either the bass line or the lead part and end up dropping out and making mistakes
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