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How do I play Hot Pastrami?

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  • How do I play Hot Pastrami?

    The Dartells are the definition of a one hit wonder from the early 60s. They went to Hueneme High School like I did and played all the dances in the area. I want to record a video of me playing all the parts. The singing, bass and drums are easy for me but I can't get a handle on the organ part since I am not much of a keyboard player. There is a video of them playing it on TV and it is easy to see the keyboard player, but it is a record and they are lip syncing. The keyboard player on the record was Randy Ray but on this video three years later Corkie Wilkie is the keyboard player. He used to play sax in the group. So I don't know if he is playing the part accurately or not. So I am hoping someone will be able to give me a clue as to how to play it like the record. It is a pretty simple three chord song, G - C - D. And it just plays the same groove for the entire record so it should be easy for a real keyboard player to figure it out. I really appreciate any help I can get.