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"Misty" turnaround by Joey D

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  • "Misty" turnaround by Joey D

    There`s a Studio Jams youtube of Joey D and Larry Carlton playing Misty.At the end of the last verse,before the solos,Joey plays a 3 chord turnaround leading into the first solo(tenor).Can someone with hipper ears than I have please id the chords and the voicings he`s using?I don`t know how to link to the video,googling Misty,Joey FeFrancesco will get it. Many Thanks.

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      He does that version of Misty in the key of C. And the turnaround is known as a 3-6-2-5 turn around, which is basically built off the circle of fifths. In the key of C, the 3 chord would be an Em7, the 6 chord an A9, the 2 chord a Dm7 and the 5 chord a G9, resolving then to the tonic, a CMaj7 or Maj9. And you can keep this turn around going as long as you like really until everyone is pretty much tired of the tune and wants it to end. This up tempo swing version of Misty was first done by either Jimmy McGriff or maybe Jack McDuff--I can't remember--and it's a fun take on an otherwise over-requested tune that you get sick of playing after a while. If I had a nickel for every time....well, you get the idea. :)
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        Hey bnelson,I just saw this for the first time,I`ve been off the forum.Thanks for the reply.