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The complete section of Crawfords Glissando technique from his advanced cours

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    The complete section of Crawfords Glissando technique from his advanced cours


    I am fortunate to have many vintage Jesse Crawford materials, including his first nicely 'bound' 3-ring binder, albeit a nice one with gold embossed lettering, of his Jesse Crawford Basic Organ Course, his Easy Hammond Solos books 1-3, and several of his awesome articles in the early 50's publication Legato ' for the home organist', which I have several issues of. I encourage everyone to seek out original copies of this publication. It was printed on a heavy mill paper and they look like the day they were printed as far as aging goes. And they are filled with Hammond organ instruction, articles, and sheet music that Jesse also contributed to with uniquely arranged from the ground up, pieces in Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult. His approach was ingenious really, as he would even use different keys and create completely different embellishments. I would love to have seen more of these, but unfortunately I think such ingenuity was limited to what I have played from these Legato mags. Of this high caliber that is. Also in the Legato they included articles, instruction, and sheet music for the Chord organ from right at it's inception.

    Still, I longed to find a good explanation of Crawfords famous glissando. Maybe I didn't look hard enough because just today after googling it I found just that- a complete technical explanation in 19 steps from the man himself. He also explains his original inspiration for harmonic glissandos as coming from a male singing group he saw in 1916. Michaels Music Service posted a 'sample' of the bound copy of Crawford's original bound [Beginner, Intermediate,] Advanced Organ Course . Here is the link to the PDF file, which incidentally starts with Jesse and his personal instruction of this most famous theater organ technique, which Jesse can take credit for perfecting! [If anyone has a link to the complete course it would be great to download...the Beginner Course IS FREE at Michaels Can't imagine paying 38 clams for a 'new paper' copy of the Advanced Course on Amazon! The Intermediate Course seems to be scarce in the world].

    Here are the links:
    takes a bit to load if you wish to hear Jesse's version of Rhapsody In Blue that he actully performed live with Gershwin in the audience. That must have been some night...Ah if there was a time machine. Jesse is a time machine though, just shut your eyes and listen. There are many places online with recordings of Jesse Crawford. I especially like the NBC recordings. Jesse was a household name in those radio days!
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