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    This helps you transcribe by ear, it doesn't do the transcribing for you. I just know that at 50% speed on WMP the playback quality is low, but I've also known media player to perform way better on powerful computers. The great thing about transcribe is the 20% near perfect, if not perfect, playback with the custom clip loop ability to keep a note continuous, and the several step EQ. It might support a midi input, but does give you a keyboard on the screen with slightly adjustable timbre to help you find the right note. I play back things through my organ and use the organ sounds to match notes which makes it so much easier.
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      Since the topic is video game music, here is my favorite organ performance of Super Mario Gusty Garden Galaxy. Ulla Olsson is a well-known classically trained Swedish organist with a masters in sacred music who also studied with Jean Langlais in Paris to enhance her performances of French romantic organ music. I include that information about her because she is a serious concert musician in Scandinavia and Europe but she also enjoys more light-hearted music and, um, visual effects. This performance is recorded on a very large Allen digital in a church in Sweden.

      One of the comments on the video notes that, "A man by the name of 'Jonny Music' on MuseScore has arranged this piece, if any of you are looking for the sheet music."



      Here are a couple of other interesting performances of that catchy tune:



      Nintendo music has a wide following and from Germany, here's full symphonic treatment of the Super Mario Galaxy Suite, complete with mixed chorus:

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        Another one of the first pieces of music I learned to play, but the bass part was very difficult for me to learn at the time. It taught me to stop pivoting from one key to another, and to hover my hand over the keys and pick out each note I need. I finally got around to transcribing the intro from the original sound file, and putting it on sheet music. The treble melody sounds like a bit of inspiration for a new composition when played very quickly in reverse.

        Fairy fountain theme from Legend of Zelda
        Fairy_Fountain Koji Kondo.pdf

        I play it with the 8' gedect with percussion/sustain. Something more choral sounding could be used instead of a viola.
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          I wish there was more time to edit posts, anyway I goofed, the last two notes are the same for both hands, so I updated the score.

          I hope to tackle some more of these transcriptions soon. One of them has been fighting me trying to transcribe it and get it entered into musescore efficiently.
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            I tentatively post this one as it may still need some corrections, but I was determined to finish this transcription... and it is good halloween music. This one has been the most difficult to transcribe being a full organ recording (where does one octave end and the other begin???) and fighting musescore's imperfections while still being as new as it gets to reading sheet music. ...And my perfectionism trying to stay accurate to the recording while trying to normalize the live performance. I did change a few notes on purpose though. I think the ultra high pitch mixture is what threw me off the most.

            Not guaranteed to be easy to read, but let me know what you think.

            My interpretation of this piece is it is smooth flowing, weighted towards higher frequencies and upper harmonics obviously with some sort of cymbal type mixture, and there should be a present but subtle 16' & 32' stops, but no muddiness anywhere. I don't have octave couplers on my organ, but I wouldn't hesitate to experiment with them. Lots of reverb would be good to, and since I don't have that, I've had to find ways to compensate by holding down a lot more keys.

            It is the theme to the last boss in the Super Mario 64 game: the "final bowser" or "ultimate koopa" as it is sometimes referred to.
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              I'm working on another, and have found a way to play one part completely on the pedals which would free up a hand to play some non essential parts that I'd still like to include in the organ arrangement, but I don't know how practical it is to play. I gave it a try, and it seems possible enough that with practice I could reach full speed on just the pedal part, but I'm concerned with my stability in being able to play with both hands while having one foot turned sideways at the end of the pedalboard. I might actually have to start using my organ shoes for this one to better span 2 notes with one foot.

              Maybe some of you could give it a try and see what you think? It's just one option of many, I was just wondering would you play this on the pedals? I could put this part on the left hand, but then I guess toe pistons would be needed, and it would have to go to the pedals at some time unless a glockenspiel is on the pedals.

              Click image for larger version

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              I was also thinking of an advanced theatre organ arrangement, but there's like 2-3 ways of doing that along with an intermediate and easy(er) arrangement. Sometimes I wonder if there is a good way of writing these 4-5 part orchestral pieces in such a way where the organist can easily follow along while choosing their own arrangement out of all parts shown.

              It seems like a fun tune to play and at first I thought there's no way one person could play it, but I think a good theater organ and organist could pull it off pretty well.
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                I like it!

                For some reason yet to be determined I have lately become rather fascinated with classic video game music arranged for organ. There have been a few popping up on the Contrebombarde site recently and my all time favorite is still that wacky Gusty Garden Galaxy arrangement played on a large Allen organ by classical organist Ulla Olsson in Sweden


                The first few times I watched that video I was puzzled by the four expression pedals for a 3-manual instrument but some research turned up the fact that there are 55 ranks of pipes controlled by the Allen Renaissance organ in the video.