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    This helps you transcribe by ear, it doesn't do the transcribing for you. I just know that at 50% speed on WMP the playback quality is low, but I've also known media player to perform way better on powerful computers. The great thing about transcribe is the 20% near perfect, if not perfect, playback with the custom clip loop ability to keep a note continuous, and the several step EQ. It might support a midi input, but does give you a keyboard on the screen with slightly adjustable timbre to help you find the right note. I play back things through my organ and use the organ sounds to match notes which makes it so much easier.
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      Since the topic is video game music, here is my favorite organ performance of Super Mario Gusty Garden Galaxy. Ulla Olsson is a well-known classically trained Swedish organist with a masters in sacred music who also studied with Jean Langlais in Paris to enhance her performances of French romantic organ music. I include that information about her because she is a serious concert musician in Scandinavia and Europe but she also enjoys more light-hearted music and, um, visual effects. This performance is recorded on a very large Allen digital in a church in Sweden.

      One of the comments on the video notes that, "A man by the name of 'Jonny Music' on MuseScore has arranged this piece, if any of you are looking for the sheet music."

      Here are a couple of other interesting performances of that catchy tune:

      Nintendo music has a wide following and from Germany, here's full symphonic treatment of the Super Mario Galaxy Suite, complete with mixed chorus:
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