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Hello from a Newby in the UK and a ?

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  • Hello from a Newby in the UK and a ?

    Hello to you all :)

    Just to say that I have just joined the ranks ( forgive the pun! )

    This site is very good in that it encompasses not only organ music per se but an eclectic bag of associated goodies.

    I have an enquiry regarding a female American organist by the name of Dorothy Papadakos. I recently re-discovered whilst " tidying up " a cd of her recorded at SJTD NYC. The title of it is " Dorothy Over The Rainbow ".

    I wonder what she is involved with now? I have tried to find her web site but to no avail; maybe some one could enlighten me?

    Replies appreciated, thanks and `bye for now.


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    Her website is here:

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      Originally posted by Admin View Post
      Thank you for the assistance Admin. The address is the same as I have been unsuccessfully trying to log on to with the same results - " this page cannot be displayed ". I have the cookies set to full heat but still no avail. No probz; I`ll keep on trying.


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        The link works OK for me.
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          The link is fine, so the problem is at your end. Antivirus settings, or ISP issues, maybe?
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