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If Billy Preston and Sergei Prokofiev had a baby.....

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    If Billy Preston and Sergei Prokofiev had a baby.....

    His name would be Eddie Brown

    I've been listening to many many organ players in the last few months.

    I happened on a couple teaser youtube videos, which caught my fancy:


    I splurged and bought the 2 video set for just under $30. The promos did not prepare me for what followed in the full videos. I've explored many fields in 61 years, and I've never encountered a more inspirational, concise communicator. Eddie's let's the viewer into the mind of a real virtuso, born, bred and firing on every cylinder at the moment of tape. His music philosophy is as impressive as his playing, deeply aware, and giving.

    I've been obsessed with cogic style shouts on the Hammond, and listened to hundreds. Eddie plays only one, as a finale to the presentations. I love Cory Henry and Mike Bereal, but honestly I never saw a more impressive shout on the organ as Eddie plays in the second video. His dad was a bass player, and his older sister is a wonderful drummer and he is a deep student of the great drummer Dennis Chambers. Those influences come to life in the shout genre to create an interpetation worthy of any master at any time in history.....

    If Prokofiev was born in Detroit......I'm not kidding.

    He also makes use of a few effects which I'm sure are known by some, but I've never seen..or noticed before.

    Eddie Brown is the real thing, and a message to Brooklyn, from Detroit.
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