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  • Karen Christianson

    A rising young organist I saw in recital this afternoon at St Paul's Chapel of Trinity Wall St.

    I loved her repertoire, her comments were interesting and educational and her playing was very fine.

    See it here https://trinitywallstreet.org/video/pipes-one-61

    The program isn't posted yet, but included pieces by Stanford, Bach, Schumann, Buck, Thayer and Gigout - the last one was Rhapsodie sur des Noƫls, which I adore, so I walked out very happy.

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    Indeed! A bright new star for sure. Very Sensible playing (look at how little her wrists move over the compass... very quiet technique, always a good indication of a well learned musician). A couple little glitches with the Bach but that's overly picky criticism for an otherwise outstanding concert. My guess is that Noack has a fussy action. There is no perfect recording of the Toccata in F BWV 540 that i've ever heard. Apparently she is a graduate of The Episcopal Academy Philadelphia, Havard University, University of Durham (in the U.K.) and The Boston Organ Studio run by Christian Lane.

    I wish she had a commercial recording, she is surely qualified. I would patronize it.

    I had the pleasure of meeting her significant other at my workplace by pure happenstance. He was quite surprised by my fandom! Though I've never met her, I am sure they are both lovely people. Dare I say us young people are making the organ more popular these days?


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      I, alas, cannot count myself amongst the young people anymore but do go forth and make organ popular!