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  • Daniel Roth

    I see he's been mentioned many times but deserves his own thread, don't you think?

    I was lucky enough to see him perform last night at a dedicatory recital. I was unsurprised to be blown away. The organ was pretty spiffy too - Juget-Sinclair op 51.

    There was an 'improvisation' noted on the program as the last piece, and it totally was. The church organist, who was page turner and master of ceremonies, gave Daniel sheet music 3 hymns in front to improvise on. Good golly. There are no words.

    I'm also now officially spoiled for anyone else's Widor Toccata.

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    He's a world class master of the organ, for sure! Some amazing stuff can be found on youtube. No doubt hearing him in person on a fine organ was a thrilling experience!
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