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Concert by Gert van Hoef

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  • Concert by Gert van Hoef

    I thought fans of Gert van Hoef would like to hear a concert he gave today on a newly restored organ in Sint Nicolaas Kerk in Genemuiden in the Netherlands. Below is a link to the concert and another with information on the organ.


    The organ has a stunning case. I found the concert interesting in a number of ways. I found his choice of repertoire interesting. From classical repertoire, he played pieces by Bach, Rheinberger, Widor and a transcription of Danse Macabre by Saint-Saƫns. There were two pieces by composers known in the Netherlands, and four improvisations.

    Over 2,000 people were listening live and comments were made in Dutch, German, French and English. There may have been other languages as well, I just noticed these when I occasionally looked at the comments. Clearly his appeal extends well beyond the Netherlands.

    His program may offer a successful template for other organists. It includes some well played classics, but clearly he does not shy away from things that appeal to a broader audience. This particular program showed how creatively he plays on a two manual instrument. And, one interesting tidbit for organists, when he played Bach, he used toes only on the pedals, but on more contemporary literature he used his heels as well. I also noticed that he uses his toes to feel for the gaps on the pedals in the manner taught by John Stainer in his Complete Organ Method. (I have also seen Diane Bish use this technique.)


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