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Hector Olivera Improvisation on a Traditional Chinese Theme

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  • AllenAnalog
    Hector amazed me at his unexpected ATOS convention debut in 1972 and continues to do so today. I have enjoyed many of his concerts and encourage members of the Forum to attend one when we can once again enjoy such live musical events. Most of us can only dream of pedal technique like that.

    It was good to see that Harry got rescued from his fall into a pit and has now recovered. (See comments on the video and look for something green sitting on the console if you don't know about Harry.)

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  • Hector Olivera Improvisation on a Traditional Chinese Theme

    Today I came across this video from 2017 of an improvisation that Hector Olivera did for a concert he gave in Shenzhen, China. It is based on a submitted them on a melody that he had never heard before. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did. Enjoy.