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Fox vs. Biggs Vs ??

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    Fox vs. Biggs Vs ??

    Hello all,

    first post here,

    I have read the older postings (on this site) of the Fox vs. Biggs debate and wanted to mention something of interest.

    First, let me just say that I think both are wonderful - listen to Biggs on his recordings of Bach on the Flentrop organ and French organ favorites (St John the Divine? Not sure, but God I wish they would remaster on CD) not to mention the Freiburg recording, and Fox at Wanamaker, Riverside, Carnegie Hall, Fillmore East etc., etc, and others, and each have their (wonderful) points). A true "en guarde."

    Anyway, my main reason for this post is a CD available from the Atlantic City Organ Society that features Robert Elmore on both the 4/52 Kimball and Midler-Losh (the big one) organs in A.C. Oh my God. Just picture yourself there with that beast - AND the recordings are excellent for the era compared to those of Fox in his early recordings.

    And the main point - this guy sounds like Fox, but maybe better in technique. The interesting thing is that I always heard that people of his era criticized Fox but no one could touch his technique. Elmore rings true to the same sound/style that Fox had, but, of the many recordings I have of Fox, the Elmore Style is sooo clean. And another point, since these two sound so familiar I wonder if many of the organists of that day were trained in that way (and Fox just resounds because he was a better showman).

    I would seriously recommend getting this disk (beside the fact that few recordings such as this exist with the HUGE A.C. organ in tact) for this trip down "memory lane" that really shows so much about our past as organists (informative booklet about the history of organist and organs included), to include the Kimball which is a hybrid classical and theater organ.

    Please. let me know your thoughts after you listen!


    Re: Fox vs. Biggs Vs ??

    Robert Elmore? I will check him out. dec.


      Re: Fox vs. Biggs Vs ??

      I heard all of them live.
      Elmore once, Biggs twice and Fox many times.
      Elmore was from Philadelphia and most gracious.

      When I was 14 I walked into a record store..
      they were just putting out the new Elmore recording.
      I took one look at the huge number of stops on the cover,
      and I bought the record without hesitation.
      It was the very first LP record I ever bought.
      I still have it. And I still go gaga over that picture.

      There used to be lots of organists trained like that.
      They could play most anything and make your head spin.

      By the way, that wonderful recording by Biggs of
      French Organ Music was recorded at St Georges in NYC,
      a big 4 manual Moller, but not anywhere near the organ
      at St John the Divine. I still think that St John the Divine
      has the most wonderful trumpet stop, the State Trumpet,
      of any organ I have ever heard anywhere in the world.
      I am looking forward to the rebuild so I can hear it again.

      Of course, I am also looking forward to the rebuild
      of the grand organ at Atlantic City Convention Hall.