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Artist unknown - maybe you know the recording?

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  • Artist unknown - maybe you know the recording?

    Hi Folks,

    quite some time ago my computer recorded a title automatically via net radio stream writer. In most cases also the artist of the title is written into the mp3 information. But unfortunately is this case I only have the name of the song.

    It is called „in a persian market“. The recording is pure organ, not even Leslie, no drums or what so ever. Maybe 60/70ties? Besides the melody really wonderful rhythmic patterns are played by the artist - in a way I have hardly ever heard it in other songs.

    Ever heard the song in a way I described it? Any idea who the organ player could be? I would love to find more recordings of him/her.
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    In a Persian Market was a great favourite with the UK theatre organists from way back when it was written. I've heard some of my friends and colleagues play it in concert on pipes, and on electronics, as many of the theatre organists migrated to Hammond as the electronic organ gained popularity.

    Can you give us a link to the recording you have? Or email it to me?

    If you type in a persian market organ into youtube you'll get a variety of examples. Like my good friend Howard Beaumont playing it on Kawai SR6. He swings it a bit! Or the great Reginald Dixon playing it in 1936! Or maybe Klaus Wunderlich really swinging on Hammond!
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      Thanks Andy,

      In fact it‘s the version of Klaus Wunderlich :-) I‘m surprised. Does not really sound so much like his typical Wersi area ...
      The link you mentioned should probably be:

      Ok, well, so i have hundreds of titles of the artist who played it, but not much that sound like this.
      Playing Hammond Aurora Classic & XE2, Hohner E3, Roland G800 & AT500.


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        Klaus played Hammond for years (I think he started in the 50s) before he moved over to Wersi in the 70s.