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Interested in new tracker organs from Italy?

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  • Interested in new tracker organs from Italy?


    I write this message to inform you that 2 good friends of mine own a small organ building company located near Udine (Italy).

    They mainly restore old organs, but they also created 2 new instruments up to now.

    They are specialized in small-to-medium tracker organs, let's say from 1 manual/1 stop to 2 manuals+pedalboard/25 stops.

    They personally take in charge every single detail, from the choice of materials to the design of the organ, from the pipe production (on request industrially produced pipes can be used tocut costs for some stops) to organ assembling.

    It is difficult to build a new organ here in Italy, because the few new organ ar always commissioned to the big famous companies, that also ask big and famous amounts of money for their instruments.

    I'd like to give an hand to those friends of mine by "advertising" their work here on the forum. The idea is to "go abroad", create the first US/Canadian/Australian/.... organ, create an organ for a church/person that doesn't think that the famous brand is all.

    The 2 organbuilders used to work for 10+ years inan italian organ building company before starting working on their own.

    So I am writing this post to create a first contact, they can build an organ for a church, maybe a second organ for a big church or for a private home.

    I hope some of you can be interested in this, of course to "go abroad" the company wants to invest by offering an incredible price to the first international organ, but these of course are details that will be covered later...

    You can have a totally customized tracker organ or even go for a copy of an historical italian organ (Nacchini or Callido), this could be also an original idea.

    I don't give more details in this post, please contact me privately or post a reply for further details.

    Alsoall thecommentsareverywell accepted of course.

    Thanks a lot.