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Questions I have About Pipe Organs

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  • Questions I have About Pipe Organs

    I have some questions about Pipe Organs My questions about Pipe Organs

    1. For a Pipe Organ is there a Room where you can see the Pipes I would Like to see a Room filled with Pipes for an Organ Live in person.
    2. Has anyone ever Played songs on a Pipe Organ in All Organ Chimes I would love to hear a Pipe Organ play songs in All Organ Chimes Live in Person
    3. Has Anyone ever Played these songs on a Pipe Organ:
    1. Stairway to heaven
    2. Smoke On The Water
    3. Light My Fire By The Doors
    4. Jingle Bells
    5. Frosty the Snowman
    6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    5. Pharaoh Pharaoh
    6. Do Lord
    7. Give Me Oil In My Lamp
    8. Lord I lift your Name On High
    9. Deep and Wide
    10. Lean On Me
    11. Ozzy Osbournes Crazy Train
    12. Enter Sandman by Metallica
    on a Pipe Organ I would Love to hear this Live in person on a Pipe Organ in All Organ Chimes .

    If you know the answers to these questions please e-mail me at

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    [email protected]
    [email protected]


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    Re: Questions I have About Pipe Organs


    First, let me suggest that you remove your personal information from the post you made. You can click on the Edit tab to do that. Various search engines pick up this forum, and I'm sure you probably wouldn't like to have your personal information picked up and sold. Now to answer your questions (at least some of them).

    To see a pipe organ's pipes while it's played, I'd suggest Longwood Gardens just outside Philadelphia ( &( nothing terribly interesting happens while the pipes are being played, the pipe chambers (5 or 6 of them) all have windows so you can see inside. Yes, the organ does have chimes--as do many pipe organs (including mine).

    I can't say I've played any of the pieces you mentioned on the pipe organ, I have played a baroque-style arrangement ofThree Blind Mice on pipe organ for the prelude of a church service--when I was young and foolish [;)]

    While Stairway to Heaven was written for guitar, its composer must've copied Bach's technique (fairly common in the baroque era) of using the descending chromatic scale to indicate death--the way to Heaven. Played properly on a guitar with the broken chords above the descending bass line, it is quite effective, and possibly would be effective on the organ.

    I doubt many of the pieces you have listed have been played on a pipe organ in a church, because many are antithetical to church's beliefs (i.e. Come on, baby, light my fire, etc.). Of the church pieces, you may find the occasional organist has used them forChildren's Sunday music or something like that.

    You're more likely to find that the pieces you have listed would be played on a theatre pipe organ and/or in an auditorium on a pipe organ (i.e. Atlantic City). Another consideration would be the tempo of the pieces. Since chimes tend to have a long decay time, pieces like Do Lord, or Give Me Oil in My Lamp may not be especially suited for chimes.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


    P.S. No need to cross-post to the theatre or Hammond group. They will pick up your post on the Forum anyway.

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