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What not to do to a pipe organ?

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    Whether it is OK to re-start a blower while it is still running down depends on the type of motor. For example, a three-phase squirrel-cage blower motor with direct-on-line starter can be re-started without harm. OTOH a single-phase repulsion-start motor should be allowed to stop completely before restarting. This is because it relies on the repulsion mechanism to start up, which disengages centrifugally once running. If you try to re-start it before the repulsion brushgear has re-engaged, it will accelerate in induction mode rather than repulsion mode which it is not supposed to do, causing it to overload the supply and possibly trip its breakers.

    There are may other combinations of types of motors and starters, chosen to suit the kind of electrical supply available and the size of blower. If you are one of those sensible people who neither know nor care whether the blower at your church has a timed star-delta contactor, pneumatic rotor resistance starter or a flux-vector inverter, you should perhaps let it come to rest before restarting!



      Originally posted by Havoc View Post
      I have had to pleasure to cure hangers due to this kind of playing pedals. It isn't hokum, it is plain reality. Some people do pound the pedals that hard.
      I have never heard of the term "hanger". But someone on this forum recently mentioned that pedal tromping was characteristic of lesbians organists! Which adds an element of amusement to this Diane Bish performance starting at around 0:54:


      I've never before seen that kind of pedal tromping technique!
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        Am I reading this right? "hanger" = "sipher" ?

        But yes, hitting a key hard can cure it. Unfortunately though, it has (sadly I speak from experience) also broken a pallet altogether, so I tend to exercise caution these days!


          dont blow it louder make some mild music
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            I played, and tuned a beautiful Gabriel Kney pipe organ in NC one time. I loved it. It was tracker action with electric stop action and pistons. There was a 3rd manual that was permanently coupled.

            I've heard the Virgil Fox version of "Nun Danket alle Gott" enough times that I don't like it anymore.


              when I play my socks that time shoes, pick up the gravel wearing pedal. I was thrown out of the pedal organ pedal so white wear. Replaced with new maple hat pedal cover fixed the problem. the policy is to fight through the socks.