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  • Portative

    Hello all! This is your friendly neighborhood buzzyreed with another outlandish question. So, having decided that the Allen TC-3 was too large to drag to the T.V. studio and on choir tour, I am in the process of trying to find a portative. Anyone have any ideas? I can pay practically nothing, so money is not an issue

    Has anyone put one of these together over the summer using a rank of principlas they purchased on e-bay or such?

    Has anyone actually seen the Rodgers portative organ other than on e-bay? That would be ideal, since I am really not allowed to use power tools at our house anymore (there was some, um, unpleasantness). Point is, what do other choir directors do when they want to bring an organ along to accompany motets and the like. In college we had a decent portative organ, but since that probably ran $30,000 I really don't think that is going to fly with the school board of our very small public school, regaurdless of how good our choir is.

    Well, I'd be interested in any of your ideas. Would I be foolish to try to make one. It doesnt' have to be a Fisk, just something with a rank of principals that I can haul on a school bus.

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    Re: Portative

    Tutti has the answer. The Ott-Orgel a four or five-rank sample set is free, Hauptwerk V 1.23 is about U$90, and your computer with 512 MB or 1 GB memory plust a stereo system will give you a very nice instrument. Keyboard synths have no good (pipe) organ sounds. I have a very nice Yamaha that is billed as the "Portable Grand". The piano is superb, but the full organ sound (the only pipe organ sound on it) is "Yuck!"