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1910 Austin Opus 301 "Symphonic" Pipe Organ

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  • 1910 Austin Opus 301 "Symphonic" Pipe Organ

    The other evening i had the oppertunity to take in a dedication concert to mark the
    restoration of a 1910 "Austin" opus 301 "Concert"/ "Symphonic" pipe organ.
    The instrument has not been played in decades, and was situated in a former large
    Baptist church building, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, now owned by the "Universty
    of Scranton".
    The church was purchased by the "U of "S" some twenty or more years ago, and as a
    result they also inherited the 47-rank 4-manual organ.
    The former "Church" is now the "Performance Music Center" of the "University", where
    various musical events take place.
    The concert was presented by ''Concert'' Organist, Thomas MURRAY, of which performance
    was most "exceptional".
    The "Symphonic" organ of years ago were in a class by themselves, yes indeed!
    "Magnificent" strings and large scale Diapasons and high pressure of the organ,(Nearly10'')
    was the influence and calling card of Robert Hope -Jones.
    The University soon found out that a "gem" was inherited, and decided on a the two-year
    restoration, and yes, restored back to its pretty much ''Orginal" condition.