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Need Tech. Advisor for an organ project

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  • Need Tech. Advisor for an organ project

    I'm looking for a Pipe Organ Tech to work on a 1936 Möller II/50 (believed 50 anyway) with no documentation in the West Central Wisconsin (Eau Claire) area. The project has nearly no funding but willing volunteers, and the possibility for money if a restoration/rebuild plan is to be completed for grants, etc. There is one 2 manual console with 2 pipe enclosures. We have found little for paperwork and the factory paperwork seems to have little information.

    Basically I need someone to tell me what to do and how do do it so we don't F@^% something up and ruin this beautiful instrument.[:O]

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    Re: Need Tech. Advisor for an organ project

    OK... a good starting point will be to get the Opus number and date off the name plate on the console. The opus number will also be stamped on the low C pipe of each rank and the first spotted metal pipe in the flue that have zinc basses. Just because there are 50 stop tabs, there are likely to not be that many ranks, a physical survey will be more accurate than guessing based on the stop tabs (or drawknobs). FWIW, if this organ is unaltered, it was probably designed by Richard Whitelegg, who was active as the tonal director for MOller at that time. If that IS the case, every effort to preserve it UNALTERED should be made.

    next...what works and what doesn't...the blower? any indicator lights? any combination pistons...(trying to establish that the blower and power supply are functional) what about any stops that play/don't play...notes that ceipher...some kind of starting point would be good.

    do the reservoirs rise (or leak), any loud wind leaks (hissing). what type of chests (most likely pitman, possibly duplex pitman...duplex pitman will have a primary action at both the 'front' and 'back' of the wind chest. You will need local expertise to guide you thru the intracacies of specific restoration techniques.

    that should get you started...specific questions about specific mechanisms will get you better, more specific answers.

    Rick in VA


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      Re: Need Tech. Advisor for an organ project

      5168 is in playable condition. There is some damage to the stop
      tiles with one stop tile completely missing. There
      is a “D” key that is playing the Great “
      with all other stops on the Great Organ and is the only key of the
      ” rank
      that plays when that stop is active. This is possibly a short in the
      console or a wiring problem in the pipe chamber. The Organ Historical Society has the Möller factory records which have it at 50 registers. There are some leaks in the pipe rooms but they are very well packed and difficult to fit my 6' frame into without knowing what I'm doing.


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