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St. Cecilia's Cathedrals' new pipe organ! Wissinger!

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  • St. Cecilia's Cathedrals' new pipe organ! Wissinger!

    Well I am back again. Seem to be in and out a lot! Ever since the move to the new site, I just haven't stepped in so much.

    Anyways. About a week ago I got word that the cathedral here in town got a new organ. Being the got-to-know-it-all kind of person, I quickly set out to find out more!

    I emailed the Cathedral Organist, Dr. Marie Rubis Bauer, and said its true, that a new instrument has been installed! She did not provide any details on it. So I franticly looked online for one. I found out what it was in the catholic voice news paper.

    Ranting over, here is more on the organ.

    Its a 2000 Wissinger c.a. 10 rank organ. It was DONATED! To the cathedral in september, and now resides in one of their practice instruments. This makes their 5th pipe organ currently in possession.

    I had the fantastic opportunity to play this fine instrument. For its size it has great power, and the front principle pipes play! Its really a step up from the holtkamp martini from down the hall.

    Here is a crappy video I made from my cell phone. I have not played an organ really in almost 2 years, and I was totally unprepared to play anything. Just was about to leave, and thought... "oh it would be fun to video it"

    Sorry for the bad playing!

    First pic is of the organ in its old home. Literally it was in someones house! :)