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Olivet Nazarene University's New Organ

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  • Olivet Nazarene University's New Organ

    Hi friends,

    Just returned home this evening from the ONU organ dedication in their beautiful brand new chapel. First, their new "chapel" seats over 3,000 and it was nearly full. Second, most important the brand new Ruffati 4m/76r with 50r of digital from Marshall & Ogletree sounded wonderful.

    I was sitting about 3/4 back in the upper section and the organ had wonderful balance and filled the space w/o overpowering.

    This was the first time I heard a Ruffati live, and I was very pleased.

    I believe they have recorded the dedication for their website. You may want to check it out on demand.


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    I was there too, towards the middle, in row L. There is going to be a DVD of this sometime in the future. It was recorded in HD so it could show up as a Blu-ray some day. The info I read said it was 75 pipe/50 digital, for a total of 125 ranks.


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      When I got there the programs were gone, and I was only able to take a cursory look at one from a patron a couple seats away. I thought it said 76r but it was my mistake. Nonetheless, it is a niece piece of art. I did watch the replay - on demand on their website.


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        I was positioned right behind the sound booth and had my Canon S5IS Digital camera. I have posted some of the recordings I made at the following site:
        In deference to a wife who was suffering from a nagging cold, and the fact that we had 2 hours of driving and had to be up early the next morning, we left at Intermission. Next time I have an event like this to record, I'll remember a tripod!