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Wind Supply Question

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  • Wind Supply Question

    Please help me with a memory lapse:
    I was showing a visiting organist the blower room late last evening (after allowing him to play for about two hours while I was at dinner). There is a "regulator" immediately off the blower that is there to not only stabilize the wind somewhat but also to reduce noise within the wind lines. I cannot remember the special name that we call it.
    Is this perhaps normally known as the --

    "Static Reservoir" ?

    Many thanks!!

    P.S.: The organist had a most enjoyable evening.

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    Sounds correct to me....


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      More typically it is called a "Static Regulator" but it is a reservoir, so either would be essentially correct. It's functions are several, as you have reduces, to some degree the turbulence from the fan blades, but also acts as a reserve when very large demands are placed on the organ's wind system. Some builders use the static regulator to drop the static pressure of the blower to a margin closer to that of the chest pressure, particularly when schwimmers are used, as they have a limited ability to regulate the wind pressure beyond a certain drop amount (approximately 1.5 inches water column from the 'fresh' wind to the regulated pressure in the chest).
      Rick in VA


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        Thank you all very much!
        Our organ has many regulators under their respective chests. We also have a Festival Trumpet on about 10 inches; so our static regulator would not be dropping the blower pressure.
        Thanks again!