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The New Pascal Quoirin Pipe Organ at Church of the Ascension, New York City

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  • The New Pascal Quoirin Pipe Organ at Church of the Ascension, New York City

    Now that the highly anticipated Pascal Quoirin organ has finally arrived at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, I'm wondering if any Forum members have had a chance to hear it, and what your impressions are. By all accounts, this is one of the most opulent and spectacular instruments to have been built in the United States in years, and I'm anxious to know if it's living up to expectations.

    The builder was unknown to me previously, but after taking a look at the company's website, it is apparent Quoirin has built a number of major instruments in France and restored several of that country's significant historical organs.

    After the disastrous choice of an electronic instrument for Trinity Cathedral, it's good to see a major church recommit to the musical life of the faith and the city.

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    one quick correction....
    while the new Pascal Quoirin organ was installed in NYC, it was built in France (not built in the US as stated). Also Trinity Wall Street in NYC is not a cathedral.

    Rick in VA


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      Heard it on the radio. Blew me away. Like a modern day Cavaille-Coll.


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        Found a short article here:

        It is the first French-built pipe organ ever installed in New York City. With its 6,183 pipes, 95 stops, 111 ranks, and 2 consoles, it is the largest French organ built anywhere in almost 50 years.

        More at the link.

        A link with audio:
        "The employment of the piano is forbidden in church, as is also that of noisy frivolous instruments such as drums, cymbals, bells and the like." St. Pius X


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          I heard it on a PipeDreams broadcast this week. I wouldn't call it modern Cavaille-Coll but is definately French sounding. It "sorta" reminds me of an organ Bedient built in Grand Rapids some years ago.
          Allen T 12B