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1950 Balcom and Vaughan

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  • Menschenstimme
    The best thing you could do with it is give it to another church which has the money to restore it and use it.
    You might be able to get a few thousand dollars for it.
    The problem is: To move, restore, and reinstall this organ could easily cost $50,000.
    This is why it has little market value - because it is so expensive to do anything with it.
    Good luck and God bless!

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  • urbangrace
    started a topic 1950 Balcom and Vaughan

    1950 Balcom and Vaughan

    Our church has a 1950 Balcom and Vaughan organ with four ranks in our small chapel. We don't know much about it and are trying to figure out if we should sell it as we are renovating the space in the near future and do not use it. Apparently, the flute rank is broken and potentially other bits as well. It plays only marginally. Any advice? Thank you.