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Holtkamp console keyboard design

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  • Holtkamp console keyboard design

    It has been a long time since I offered any "wisdom" to the Forum, but this old guy will try at least one more time.

    Here is information about the design by Walter Holtkamp, Sr. of a keyboard that emulates the "feeL" of a mechanical action instrument's keyboard.

    Truly something for the instrument design "geeK' But, what the heck,
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    Neat. Sometimes this has been more successful than others. I have played several Schlickers in the Buffalo area that appear to have the same feel. It appears as if Schlicker's console's were very similar to that of Holtkamp.


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      Thanks for your interest. Walter Holtkamp was asked by a client to build a French console for him because he was short and could not easily see his choir over the top of a normal console music rack. Walter built it and they both hated it. So Walter built a console for this gentleman, and that is the one that he built ever since (well, mostly). Others copied, even Moller. Herman Schliker built a lot of mechanical instruments. Are you sure you were playing an electro-pneumatic instrument with a tracker feel? You have peaked my interest.


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        Do you know the German Manufacturer of Holtkamp's keyboards? Can't recall their name.


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          The most common pipe organ component supplier that we see in the USA is August Laukhuff. They provide premium keyboards to Rodgers and Allen when requested by customers, and, of course, to pipe organ builders. This is most likely who Holtkamp uses if they are coming from Germany.

          The British keyboards that Rodgers used for many years were made by Herrburger Brooks, now out of business. Other keyboard manufacturers include P&S Organ Supply (Great Britain) and Organ Supply Industries (USA).