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Classic church pipe organs for export

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  • Classic church pipe organs for export

    I'm looking to export pipe organs to many different countries!
    I've been told I can have some organs for that true?
    Also how difficult is it to dismantle a pipe organ for export..could a
    Lay person dismantle one?
    Is it expensive to dismantle?
    How many people are needed?
    If there is anybody who can answer please don't hesitate?
    Thanks leoni

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    Where do you live?

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      How can someone be looking to export pipe organs "to many different countries!" without a clue to cost or experience with organbuilding? Someone just looking to make a dollar? I'd like to hear more about these free pipe organs..................

      Let me add, as one of the few, if not the only one of this forum that has shippped a pipe organ out of the US to a foriegn country, it's not an easy task. To ship my small 7 rank tracker organ from Rome New York, I hired two people to help me dismantle the organ, I paid 3,000.00 USD to have pipes and parts packed with acid free paper then bubble wrap and crated with materials approved for international shipping. Container shipping, customs and brokers fees to ship from Rome NY to Merida Yucatan were another 4,000 USD. All for an organ thats worth a few thousand dollars................

      Who's going to repair, install, voice, maintain all these free organs going to many different countries???


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        Having done not more than moved one about 100km I can attest it isn't an easy task. Yes, organs can be had for free (I had an offer) but taking it apart requires knowledge of organ building. Maybe not to the point of actually being able to make one but you have to know what is connected to what before you even open a panel let alone unscrew something. Packing is a task in itself. And some can be picked up and transported by a single person, others will require several trucks, crane and lifts. It isn't a piano!