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    Re: Second hand electronic organs

    AGO stands for americans guild of organ bulders.

    It's not AGOB! It's just a guild for any organist or actually more technically whoever wants to give them enough money to be a member . I'm actually a member of the Dallas chapter myself...

    they have a standard of radial pedalboard that is widely used in the usa.

    More or less an adjustment of it. I would guess that I've played a REAL AGO spec pedal board only a few times. Most of them are adjusted a little.

    Article on AGO pedal boards

    A picture of an AGO pedal board:

    I actually like harmoniums as well. Especially those with electric blowers! I'd love one of these with a nice pedal board as well. However, I wouldn't say they'd be best for practice. They're still great for chapels or smaller churches or fun at home!

    Here's a 3 manual Rodgers on eBay: perhaps they'll ship it?
    Rodgers Organ on Ebay

    A cheaper 2 manual Allen on ebay shipping worldwide:
    Allen Organ on Ebay

    It depends on what you're looking for... You may want to get a flat pedal board instead...