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Replacing a Forster & Andrews organ destroyed in WWII

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  • Replacing a Forster & Andrews organ destroyed in WWII

    Hello. I am currently looking into the possibility of finding a replacement for a 16-stop 1899 Forster & Andrews pipe organ that was formerly situated in St George's Church, George Town, Malaysia, but was destroyed by looters after the church was hit by a Japanese bomb in WWII.

    Over the years since the war, the church has had a series of electronic organs. With the bicentenary of the church coming up, and with the church likely to be elevated to a cathedral in the next few years, I have been in discussion with some benefactors who would be willing to fund up to MYR1 million (USD325k, GBP205k) for a replacement organ as a memorial.

    I wonder if members could advise on the best way to get a worthy pipe organ for that amount. As I understand it, if we went for new, we would have to settle for a smaller organ, whereas a second-hand European/American organ would be be problematic because of the tropical climate.

    Details of the previous organ are here:
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