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Fully Enclosed III-Manual Moller

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  • Fully Enclosed III-Manual Moller

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about where to find more information and expanded ideas on replacing the grill clothe on my III Manual Moller. It would be nice to have a faux facade, but they seem rather expensive. Click image for larger version

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ID:	608022 Also, is there any way to change the expression shades on the Moller to open completely?



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    You can get Mellotone grille cloth in quite a variety of shades to replace the fabric that is there now. Klann Organ Supply in Waynesboro, VA sells this material, and there are a couple of other manufacturers that also make accoustically 'transparent' cloth.

    As far as altering the amount of opening in Moller swell shades, the answer depends on how those swell shades are constructed and what type of swell motor is in use. Moller had a couple of different styles of swell shades...ones that were quite thick (approaching 2 inches in some cases) and some that are thin, made from plywood and rails, that are about 1 inch or so thick at the edges, but thinner in the middle.

    the thicker, heavier shades were almost always on individual motor pneumatics, sometimes ganging the last couple of shades together to one pneumatic. On those, you are pretty much limite4d to about 45 degrees of opening, and even if you COULD open them more, the thickness of the shades would not allow much more sound to egress from the opening of the front of the box(es).

    the thinner shades (used on newer organs, mostly) had an accordion type swell motor, and all the shades were ganged together with a long steel rod and individual shade dogs (brackets). On THOSE types of shades, you could conceiveably get the shades to open more, up to almost 90 degrees, but putting longer dogs on the shades, and changing the geometry of the swell motor operation for more travel from fully open to fully shut. you >might< have to replace the original Moller swell motor with a newer electronic swell shade controller, tho depending on the physical circumstances of your particular installation. the truth be told, tho is that once the swell shades (either type, actually) reach an opening angle of about 45 degrees, you are not going to get an appreciable difference in loudness, so all the work in trying to do this is moot.

    rick in VA


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      You might be able to get old pipes from a decomissioned organ to make the facade. It would then be a matter of getting them painted and stenciled or polished up for the finish you want. You never know, there might be an odd collection of pipes in the workshop of an organ builder somewhere waiting to be used for such a purpose.
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