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Schlicker Unit Organ for Carnegie Hall, NY (1972)

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  • Schlicker Unit Organ for Carnegie Hall, NY (1972)

    I'm reading some old Diapason magazines and happend upon this from the May 1972 issue:

    Schlicker builts UNIT organ for Carnegie Hall, New York (installed spring 1972)

    A unit organ housed in a reflective case mounted on a moveable platform has been built for Carnegie Hall, New York City, by the Schlicker Organ Co. of Buffalo, NY.

    The all-electric console is detached from the organ and it is also mounted ona moveable platform. The organ has been designed to be accommodated on an elevator that measures 9 feet 11 inches, and stored in a area that is 6 feet 2 inches high. The organ was first used on a March 1 concert for a performance of Solomon by the Handel Society of New York.


    16' Untersatz, 12 pipes
    8' Gedeckt, 61 pipes
    4' Octave, 61 pipes
    2' Rohrfloete, 61 pipes
    Mixture II-III 146 pipes
    16' Krummhorn 68 pipes

    8' Principal
    8' Gedeckt
    4' Octave
    4' Gedeckt
    2' Octave
    2' Rohrfloete
    Mixture II-III
    8' Krummhorn
    4' Krummhorn

    8' Gedeckt
    4' Rohrfloete
    2' Principal
    1 1/3' Larigot
    1' Siffloete
    8' Krummhorn

    16' Untersatz
    8' Gedeckt
    4' Octave
    4' Rohrfloete
    2' Rohrfloete
    Rauschquint II
    8' Krummhorn
    4' Krummhorn

    Anyone know anything about this organ? How did it work out? Is it still there?

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    Re: Schlicker Unit Organ for Carnegie Hall, NY (1972)

    Wow! I remember hearing about this organ ages ago.
    But when I was at Carnegie Hall for Virgil Fox's dedication
    concert of the big 5 manual Rodgers in the 1970s, I got a
    tour all through the whole complex and I never saw the organ.
    Of course, it could have been stuck away in a closet
    somewhere, but I think they had gotten rid of it by then.

    Also, some European builder, Flentrop maybe, was going
    to build or did build a tracker action pipe organ for
    Carnegie Hall, I think it was even shipped there, but
    when the authorities could not get assurances that the
    acoustics of the hall would not be in any way affected by
    the installation of the organ, they declined to have the organ installed.
    It wound up somewhere else as well.